Hi, I’m the owner of this blog, I’m in my mid teens, I’m a Libra, I’m a firm believer in the Oxford comma, and I’m transgender.

Some people will go around telling you that the fact that they’re transgender isn’t a big deal. Maybe, to be fair, it is not a big deal in their perspective. For me, however, it’s a fairly important thing. In a few years I certainly see myself as comfortable enough to stroll around not caring about my ‘transgender-ism’, but for now I am, to be frank, a walking pile of anxious, misgendered shit.

I think that the reason I see being transgender as such a big deal is because it is a fairly new thing to me. Now, I’m not going to go around putting my age on the internet, but I’ll tell you that I am at the stage of my life now where, no, it’s definitely not a phase. Yes, I’ve been through puberty. No, I don’t think it’s ‘cool’, or ‘trendy’.  Not to sound cliche, but it is simply me. I’ll go into more depth about my thoughts on the annoying, frequently asked questions in another post, as I don’t want this one to be exceptionally long.

The entire point of this blog, the purpose I created for, and most likely all it will ever be used for until the ‘end’ of my transition, is to document my transition. I have no doubt that these posts will not be all too frequent at first, as I am yet to even decide on a new name, let alone come out to anyone, but when I eventually get the ball rolling, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say and show. Another use of this place is to talk to other people like me, or those who have been through what I’m going through. That would be a real comfort.

I’ve been trying to come up with a witty, memorable outro type thing, but I can’t, so until I can think of one, goodbye and have a great day.