I’ve always had long hair. Admittedly it was longer some years than others, but it’s always been long. The shortest I can remember it is shoulder length. I cut it shoulder length August this year to try and ease people into me without hair a foot and a bit long, in hopes that I could then have a masculine hairstyle.

That was only four months ago, yet it feels like decades to me. I’ve been waiting, plucking up the courage to ask my mum (my official hair cut minister) to cut it short once and for all.

And yesterday, I did.

I feel slightly foolish now, but I disguised it as a ‘new year, new me’ action, to avoid unwanted questions. I then stared at my phone (I’d texted my mum the request) for about ten painstakingly slow minutes, waiting for the response.

Hallelujah, she said yes. It’s not even happened yet, but it’s  keeping me hopeful and, with this to look forward to, the patience to put up with the inevitable repeated use of my birth name at Christmas.

My uncle is a very talented, very successful, and very knowledgeable hairdresser. He’s also super accepting. He’s coming over for Christmas, and is arriving tomorrow. My mum says I should tell him what I want and he will help tell me how to style it, although he won’t be doing the hair cut itself as he lives in London and we don’t want to hassle him during his break.

I’ll most likely write a part two of this post either after I’ve talked to my uncle and fully decided what sort of style I want, or after I’ve cut it. I’ll definitely write when I’ve had it done, whether it be a part two or a part three.

I most likely will not write for a week or so, as I like to write at midnight or shortly after, just before I go to sleep, but due to family coming over as I’ve already mentioned, I shall be sleeping in my parent’s room, so no laptop.

But until next time, stay positive and have a great day!

P.S – the woman in the photo is Brittenelle Frederick. I’m hoping to show her hair to my mum, as it won’t be suspicious if the style is on a girl. I know, I’d be a great undercover spy.