First of all, sorry I haven’t posted for a bit, I’ve been celebrating Christmas with my family and didn’t have chance to write. Secondly, I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas had a great time, and if you don’t I hope you enjoyed all the good telly that comes with Christmas. Thirdly, I cut my hair.

When I wrote my last post rambling about how excited I was to get my hair cut, I was expecting to wait a month or so before it happened. Turns out, I had to wait only a matter of days. As I mentioned in my last post, my uncle, a hairdresser, came round for Christmas. I was planning on just talking to him about the hair cut, but he said he’d do it whilst he was here.

Now, remember when you read this, that I am not out to my family. Therefore, the general consensus between family members was short, but still feminine. And thus, and don’t take this as me being ungrateful because I still appreciate this, I ended up still looking extremely girlish. The issue was how long the hair was at the front side bit of my head. I looked more like Frankie or Freddie or whatever her name is out of The Saturdays. But it was a start.

All the family members went home today, so I did what I felt I had to do to look more masculine. I picked up some shitty, left-handed scissors I had put in my pocket by accident from school, and I began chopping. I’ll be the first to admit that my hair is scruffy. I’m not left-handed, so I struggled even cutting bits off my ¬†hair. When I did manage to get some off, it was messy as the scissors were very blunt. I also could not see the back of my head, so I assume that it looks like a bomb site. But I did it. My hair is messy, but it is masculine. It looks as if someone pulled 90s Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair and tore parts out. But it’s manly, and it’s mine.

The lesson of this story is that your first masculine haircut might go very wrong. It might look horribly feminine to the point where you change it, it might not suit you, it might be uncomfortable, but remember, it’s a step in the right direction.

As always, stay positive and have a great day!