This isn’t what I usually write, but I felt I needed to write this as I’ve just spent the last few hours reading this book.

I am personally not a book person. I used to read a lot, but I reached my teen years and everything seemed to get in the way of reading. Unfortunately, after a while I simply lost the skill to imagine a situation whilst reading. This book is the first book I’ve managed to read and enjoy in years.

I think one of the main reasons that I could keep up with this book is one of the characters, Leo. (THERE MAY BE SPOILERS IN THIS NEXT BIT) Leo is a guy who blocks himself off from other people in fear that they’ll find out his big secret, he’s a transguy. He moves to a new school where no one knows he’s trans, and keeps his head low for a while, until he hears another student being bullied. He then punches the bully, despite the consequences of a month of detention, threat of expulsion, and having to put up with his therapist telling him off for it. From this, he makes friends with the guy, or should I say girl, he stood up for, and they become very close when the victim (David/Kate) admits to Leo that she, too, is trans. Leo tries to have a relationship, but it ends when he tells the girl he’s trans, as she wants to ‘get intimate’. Basically, Leo is me, but further on in his transition.

This is the first book I’ve ever read that even mentions being transgender, let alone having the two main characters actually be trans. It makes me so happy to see that someone took the initiative to speak up publicly and try to make being transgender a less taboo subject. Hopefully, when people read this book they realise that trans people are people too, and some of the issues trans people face.

Thank you, Lisa Williamson.

I really suggest you read this book, whether you be trans yourself, you know a trans person, or you’re cis with no connections. Everyone should read this book.

Stay positive, and have a great day! 🙂