With my transition seemingly moving at a quick pace, I decided today to go shopping with one of my male friends who I’m out to. The aim was to make me ‘pass’.

For those who don’t know, passing is when a trans person is seen as their gender. For example, me, a ftm, would pass if I appeared male. A mtf person would pass if they appeared female.

Tips on how to pass are everywhere on the internet. A quick google search gives you thousands of results. However, I have learnt that they don’t always work. Passing is completely unique to the individual.

Long, baggy shirts are often advised against, as are partings in the hair. However, I have both of these and I think I look quite masculine in the outfit I’m wearing. Admittedly, there are some tips that are 100% right, such as chunky boots to make your feet appear bigger (I know your pain, small footed people, I’m a women’s size 4). I plan on ordering Timberlands soon, but they’re super expensive so you might want to find some fake versions, I’m sure there will be some just as good. Another one is short hair. I looked 10x more masculine when I cut my hair short.

I don’t own a chest binder. They are only available online and I don’t have a credit card to buy one with. This is why I love baggy flannel shirts. If you adjust you’re posture slightly and don’t wear a bra, provided you have relatively small breasts, a baggy shirt can almost completely hide them.

Another thing that I bought today that doesn’t help me pass but is great for dypshoria, is men’s underwear. Wearing boxers makes me feel so much more confident, which leads me to my next point.

If you’re confident, if you walk and talk like you’re the gender you wish to be, if you appear completely  convinced, then other people will assume you’re that gender too. Exude unapologetic confidence, even if at first it isn’t real.

Stay positive, and have a great day. 🙂