The new year just passed, and thus the ‘new year, new me’ statements flooded social media. The phrase has been used so much that, at this point, it’s meaningless.

When I read these posts, about people transforming, I wonder what they mean by ‘new me’. Do they want to lose a little weight? Dump that partner who never shows up on time for dates? Improve their grades? Who knows.

I don’t believe in ‘new year, new me’; I never have. I always saw it as ‘new year, improved version of me’, because the person in our heart won’t change because we lost a few pounds, nor will it if suddenly we become an A* student. Ultimately, if you’re kind at heart, nothing will change that, and if you’re mean at heart, nothing will change that.

All this being said, however, I fully encourage improvement. We can all improve ourselves. It’s more a matter of are we tough enough to make that change. This year, I know I am. I hope you are too.

Here’s to a successful 2017.

Stay positive and have a great day! 🙂